Recap #FoodTVChat All Star Edition

"Recap#Foodtvchat"To recap #FoodTVChat All Star Edition with Vanessa Craig, Sharon Damante, Joseph Harris, and Sherri Williams will be a challenge because with four guest hosts there was a lot going on….especially these four! But before we get to the recap, a reminder not to miss tonight’s # Guy’s Grocery Games when they face off once again at 8PM Eastern, right before the premiere of All Star Academy Season 2. What a night this will be for #FoodTV fans!

So, if you missed #FoodTVChat All Star Edition, you might want to check out the full stream here or enjoy some of the highlights in recap #FoodTVChat All Star Edition below. But really, the full stream is highly recommend…there was just so much to this chat!

Recap #FoodTVChat All Star Edition

  • What three words would each of the chefs use to describe their All Star Academy Season 1 Experience? 

  • Sharon answered the question about what the biggest All Star Academy challenge was this way

  • Sherri took the opportunity to describe her All Star Academy mentor Chef Alex Guarnaschelli as passionate, intense, fierce, winner, leader, humble and lovable and Chef Guarnaschelli responded

  • Sharon described her mentor Curtiss Stone as intense, thrilling and validating
  • Ca-SqZ5UUAAmemmJoseph said his mentor Bobby Flay learned the following from him!

  • Vanessa had some interesting insight into the question as to what she would do differently on Guy’s Grocery Games

  • Joseph wouldn’t do anything differently!

  • Advice for those wanting to compete on #FoodTV?

We were happy that three of the chefs from All Star Academy Season 2 were able to join the chat. Good luck tonight to Anna Cooper, Lisa Washington, and Jermaine Wright!

And thanks again to our All Star Academy Alumni guests, Vanessa Craig, Sharon Damante, Joseph Harris and Sherri Williams. Its been so great getting to know you and we know you will knock it out of the park tonight on Guy’s Grocery Game!!

Join us this week for #FoodTVChat with Cutthroat Kitchen competitor and Cookbook author Chef Jennifer Booker . #FoodTVChat is Thursday night at 7PM Eastern.

Author: Marianne Richmond

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