Recap: #FoodTVChat Week 2


Last night Diva Foodies #FoodTVChat welcomed our guest hosts Master Chef Canada Finalist Marida Mohammed and Twitter Foodie Crush Tad Hamilton to #FoodTVChat, Week 2 and can we just say, wow, this was really fun!  So, thanks to all who participated including Marida’s twin sister Narida who is also a Master Chef Canada alumnae and Marida’s partner in @TwicedeSpice.


Some of the highlights of last nights #FoodTVChat–

  • Marida’s advice to home chefs and aspiring #FoodTV competitors

"Marida Muhammed #FOODTVCHat"


  •  A trinity of spices!


  • The hottest pepper?

  • The greatest spice of all?


  • More diversity needed on U.S. Master Chef!

Check out #FoodTVChat for more detail.  And join us next week, Thursday, March 26th at 7PM  for #FOODTVChat, when we welcome our guest chef, former cop and three time Chopped Champion, Diana Sabatar.  We can’t wait!!#FoodTVChat"And save April 2nd for #FoodChatTV when our guest is Chef @Rock_Harper Winner of @GordonRamsay‘s Hell’s Kitchen.

Author: Marianne Richmond

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