Recap #FoodTVChat with Chef Jernard Wells

"Recap #FoodTVChat with Chef Jernard Wells"On Thursday July 16th #FoodTVChat welcomed Chef Jernard Wells, winner of the Food Network Cutthroat Kitchen, and aka Tha Love Chef as our Guest Chef. Chef Jernard definitely shared the love and we had a blast of a #FoodTVChat!

The first thing everyone wanted to know from Chef Jernard of course was how he first got the name The Chef of LoveThe answer was that it all started when he started his very first food enterprise at 16 years old, out of his mother’s kitchen. He said every order was delivered with love.  But as Sharon Damante, All Star Academy Alum noted, Chef Jernard’s sweet smile has love written all over it!

We were also excited to annouce the winner of Diva Foodies’ first Virtual Chopped Contest judged by Chef Jernard Wells! The Earth Fare sponsored gift card went to Beth Kern.

If you missed #FoodTVChat with Chef Jernard, the full stream is here and below is our recap #FoodTVChat with Chef Jernard Wells….

Recap #FoodTVChat with Chef Jernard Wells

  • What does “the best food is made from love” mean to The Chef of Love?

  • What advice would Chef Jernard give to those hoping to compete on a compeitition like Cutthroat Kitchen? 

  • Where does Chef Jernard’s creativity come from?

  • What was the most important advice Chef Jernard received from #FoodTV judges?

  • Cooking with hot stones under water was Chef’s most difficut sabotage.

  • Chef Jernard is launching an cool product for kids – Amazing Box. 

  • Logan, from MasterChef Junior wanted to know what was in the box. We thought it was extra cool that some include tools to plant your own herbs.

  • Passion and Ambition are what drives Chef Jernard’s many successful ventures. 

As you can see from the recap, Chef Jernard Wells is all about L-O-V-E and The Chef of Love couldn’t be a more fitting title could it?! For all the love, check out the full #FoodTVChat stream here.

This week, Thursday July 23rd at 7PM Eastern,  #FoodTVChat will be welcoming Master Chef 6 finalist Tommy Walton. Join us!"foodtvchat"

Author: Marianne Richmond

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