Recap #FoodTVChat with Chef Nedra Harris


#FoodTVChat with Chef Nedra Harris was just as fun an unpredictable as we had hoped! Even Chef Wolfgang Puck showed Chef Nedra some Twitter love.

If you missed last weeks #FoodTVChat with Chef Nedra Harris you can find the stream here or enjoy our recap below!

Recap #FoodTVChat with Chef Nedra Harris

  • How would Chef Nedra Harris describe her Hell’s Kitchen experience in three words?

  • How would Chef Gordon Ramsey describe Chef Nedra?

  • Which challenge on Hell’s Kitchen did Chef Nedra find the most fun?

  • And what about Chef Nedra’s spice line Pootie Spice?

  • What is Chef Nedra’s favorite wine?

  • What is Chef Nedra Harris’ culinary point of view?

  • And what projects are on the table for Chef Nedra Harris in the future?

You can connect with Chef Nedra Harris on Facebook and of course on Twitter. Currently Chef Nedra Harris can be found at The 1907 Restaurant & Bar in the North Georgia Mountains where she is Chef in Residence. Thanks Chef for the super fun #FoodTVChat with Chef Nedra Harris!

Join us this week, Thursday November 19th at 7PM Eastern for #FoodTVChat with Emily Ellyn, Mother of the Retro Rad Movement, Food Network Star alum, Cupcake Warrior and #CutthroatKitchen champ. We are VERY excited for this one!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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