Recap #Foodtvchat with Stephen Lee

"#Foodtvchatwithstephenlee"Whoa…#FoodTVChat with Stephen Lee on October 29th was a great welcome back for Diva Foodies! How fun was it? Well #Foodtvchat with Stephen Lee started with a Tweet from Gordon Ramsey when we posted our #Foodtvchat with Stephen Lee reminder–

And then for the chat we had some of our favorite #FoodTV chefs drop in! It was great to have Master Chef finalists Amanda Saab and Jesse Romero and Master Chef Season 6 Winner (!) Claudia Sandoval in the chat, as well as, #AllStarAcademy finalists Sharon Damante and Sherri Williams,  Hell’s Kitchen Chef Nedra Harris (#FoodTVChat Guest Chef on 11/12/15) and Food Network Extreme Chef Terry French. However #FoodTVChat with Stephen Lee was especially fun because of Stephen Lee and all of the great questions he answered from his fans. If you missed #Foodtvchat with Stephen Lee you can follow the stream here or enjoy our recap below!

Recap #FoodTVChat with Stephen Lee

  • Of course everyone wanted to know about Gordon Ramsey! Stephen answered in several Tweets

  • What Master Chef dish would Stephen serve to family and friends for dinner?

  • Stephen has a food truck project that he is doing in partnership with Gordon Ramsey

  • What was Stephen’s strategy on Master Chef? (You gotta love this guy!)

  • Stephen’s answer to the question about what is his favorite food to cook? (Sharon Damante agrees!)

  • Stephen is ready for a Master Chef re-match! (Amanda Saab wants in and Master Chef winner Claudia Sandoval is definitely interested!)


  • Stephen’s answer to the best food is made from love?

  • And what is Stephen Lee’s culinary point of view?

So, if you missed #Foodtvchat with Stephen lee, the full stream is right here. And please join us for #FoodTVChat on November 12th at 7PM Eastern when our guest chef will be Hell’s Kitchen contestant Chef Nedra Harris. We can’t wait!"foodtvchat"

Author: Marianne Richmond

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