Recap: #FoodTVChat with Zac Kara

"Recap:#FoodtvchatwithZacKara" #FoodTVChat couldn’t have asked for a better Guest Chef than Master Chef Junior Finalist Zac Kara! He was funny, he was charming, and his passion for cooking shone right through. But of course that no doubt describes  Zac every day, right? If you missed #FoodTVChat,  you can catch up with the stream here or enjoy our recap of #FoodTVChat with Zac Kara below.

Recap: #FoodTVChat with Zac Kara

  • Zac’s answer to “What are the three words that describe your experience on #MasterChefJunior”?  was both clever and true!


  • Why did Zack want to be on Master Chef Junior?

  • What surprised Zack most about competing on Master Chef Junior? 

  • We were so disappointed to see Zac go home on Master Chef Junior and we along with others on #FoodTVChat wondered how he felt about the fairness of having to prepare pig’s ears and if there was anything he would have done differently.  His answers are pure Zac-and that’s a good thing of course!

  • What does Zac think about the Master Chef Judges?

  • Zac’s mom was his first cooking teacher and he is so appreciative of her support and encouragement and the support of his whole family. He is SUCH a nice young man!

  • What is Zac’s advice to other young chefs wanting to compete on #FoodTV?

  • Zac is working on writing a cookbook.Past #FoodTVChat Guest Chef Kent Rollins,  cowboy cookbook author and Beat Bobby Flay Champ dropped in and had some great advice for Zac.

  • Zac is interested in hosting his own cooking show and of course everyone thought that would be fabulous. We asked him what he imagined his show would be about.

If you are going to be in Orlando on  February 27th, Zac has an invitation for you!  We know we would be there if we were headed to Florida.

Zac, you were an awesome #FoodTVChat Guest Chef—thanks so much for joining us.

Please join us next Thursday, February 11th for a truly special #FoodTVChat.  We are so excited to welcome FOUR GUEST CHEFS, Food Network Season 1 All Star Academy alums Sharon Damante, Sherri Williams, Joseph Harris, and Vanessa Craig. These awesome chefs will be competing on Guys Grocery Games on February 14th at 7PM Eastern right before the season premiere of Season 2 All Star Academy.

"#Foodtvchat"Sharon and Sherri have both hosted #FoodTVChat and are frequent participants in the chat and two of our favorite people to boot! And we can’t wait to “meet” Vanessa and Joseph. As Sharon recently noted…..

We’ll be looking for you!

Author: Marianne Richmond

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  1. Thx DivaFoodies for the amazing chat! It was definitely the most busiest hour I have ever had! Lots of fun and great questions! Thanks so much!

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    • Zac, We really enjoyed having you and can’t wait to see what you do next!!

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