How To Use Smoked Salt – Ideas From 19 Chefs & Foodies

Smoked Salt – Salineras from Peru

Question: What do you do with a gift of smoked salt from Salineras de  Maras Peru?

Answer: When you’re a food blogger you reach out to your chef friends and food community pals on social media.

Not surprisingly my chef food friends, including several from Food TV, graciously shared interesting, amazing and out-of-the-box ideas. There were savory suggestions, to my surprise sweet ideas and even a few for that used smoked salt with cocktails. In the culture of social media I knew I needed to do two things:

1. Share with you

2. Consolidated in one place 

Question: How does a food blogger share lots of great cooking ideas from chefs and food community pals?

Answer: Write a blog post of course! 😉 So for your Divalicious pleasure I cordially invite you to ….. enjoy!

To kick this off, Chef Logan Guleff asked a great question: “What does it taste like?”  So I tasted and tasted again. FYI – it is a challenge to describe food in a way that tells the taste. But you knew that! Here is my effort to explain this special smoked salt.

Logan suggested adding a sprinkle to avocado toast and to chicken, Margaritas, pork tenderloin.  

We even got a “Lord Honey” from Jason Smith! I especially loved his idea to make a bourbon smoked salt steak salt butter. I may be a Yankee from Boston but I do love a great bourbon (Whiskies of the World).

Chef Kell Sloan created a total meal! Dessert sounded amazing – smoked salt caramel drizzled over fresh peaches.

Lemon Tartlet

It wasn’t a big surprise that Chef William Poole, Chocolatier extraordinaire, offered a sweet idea. What surprised me was adding smoked salt to lemon curd tartlets!

Smoked salt on blistered shisito peppers from Jessica Tom sounded delicious. Wonder if it will find its way in her next food novel!

Kent Rollins, knows for sure about grilling, his idea about adding lemon and garlic butter with the smoke salt to grilled salmon would be wonderful.

The Chef in Pearls reminded us that simple is often a sophisticated way to enjoy different ingredients – as in an heirloom tomato salad.

Yes Jay! There is nothing better than fresh bread hot out of the oven. Sprinkling a bit of smoked salt over butter on brioche bread would be heaven.

Never heard of dry brining a steak – thanks to Jay for the innovative idea.

Rochelle continued with more brine ideas along with a rub for fish. Logan agreed that compound butter would be divalicious on fish.

Nancy suggested grilling ripe summer tomatoes and then adding a sprinkle of the special smoked salt. Sounded so good.

Chef M shared lots of ideas from using as a finishing salt to what I think is the most interesting idea – with caramel or chocolate over brie.

If all these ideas were not enough @l_Katz drooped a link that includes lots of smoked salt recipes!

Smoked Salt

Then I reached out to the wonderful members of @Tobymetcalf private Facebook group. The members were as generous with their ideas as the chefs on Twitter.

Steve –  I used smoked salt when I made vegan collard greens for the vegan bf (my daughter’s, not mine). It really did the job.

Lisa –  It’s good on fish, brisket, ribs, chops.

Toby – Over risotto

Carole – It’s great in bean and pork/sausage stews.

Brian – Rim a Paloma or Margarita


Logan Guleff– Winner MasterChef Junio

Jason Smith  – Judge Food Network America’s Best Baker

Kell Sloan

William Poole – Finalist Food Network Spring Baking Championship

Jessica Tom  – Winner Food Network Star

Kent Rollins – Winner Alton Brown Food Network Cutthroat Kitchen

Cassandra Mason aka The Chef in Pearls

Jay aka ChopHappy – Finalist Food Network Star

Jay aka JeffEatz

Chef Rochelle Wharton 

Nancy Waldeck

Melissa P Haas aka Chef M

L. U. J. Katz

Toby Metcalf

If you haven’t met any of these amazing chefs and home cooks – they are all linked to Twitter above. Great people to follow, learn from and be inspired. Special thanks to Bobbi for the smoked salt from Peru! [Follow DivaFoodies too!]

Speaking of inspiration ~ how would You use smoked salt? Drop in comments or on Twitter and tag us – DivaFoodies

Now I have a different dilemma ~ which to try first!

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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