Fall Warm-up Comfort Food Recipes

Fall Warm-up Comfort FoodTime for Fall warm-up food recipes.  In the early morning and as the day turns into night there is a crisp nip in the air. The leaves are turning from green to shades of red and orange. Fall has come to Atlanta. As the weather turns cooler I find myself wanting warm-up comfort food.

Last week end I made turkey chili based on a recipe from Elsie Bauer’s Simpy Recipes. It was an easy and fun Fall warm-up comfort food to put together. Until somehow the pepper mill dumped most of its teeny, tiny peppercorns into the chilli. Now I love pepper and even a few whole peppercorns in a dish are fine but this was total over kill. It was like eating a beautifully prepared fish where the little bones were left in. Not to mention they seem to be hiding all over the kitchen and when I think I’ve got them all out rolls another! But I digress.

Corn bread is the perfect side to serve with any chili; I love adding chunks right into the chili. Sadly, I didn’t have my favorite Trader Joes’s corn bread mix around (It really is the best..check out the Amazon.com reviews.) But I did have honey cake from a wonderful local bakery Alons. The honey cake was spicy and rich. I thought … why not? And added some to the chili .. perfecto! It actually helped mellow the flavors of the chli.

Apples were on sale this weekend and I remembered coming across Chef Virginia Willis’ Brown Sugar Apple Crisp recipe. So into the basket (or as they say in the South buggy) went those apples. For me apple crisp is one of those multi use dishes. Great for dessert of course. However, if we add some oatmeal to the flour suggested by Chef Willis to make the crumple it turns into a Fall warm-up comfort food breakfast treat too. Wonder if adding a scoop or two of my favorite High Road Craft ice cream counts as a dairy for breakfast food item?  Coming Attractions! We are over the top excited that Chef Willis  agreed to an interview with Diva Foodies. Check out @VirginiaWillis.

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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