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Whiskies of the World 2018Whiskies of the World  returns to Atlanta next month… November 2nd to be exact and I am so excited to attend once again!

Thank you Whiskies of the World for the VIP media pass. My entree to the event is complementary but all opinions are those of the author.

If you like whisky or whiskey or bourbon – Whiskies of the World is a one-stop tasting event where you can enjoy hundreds of the darker spirits. Although I’ve had the please to attend before I was curious to understand what makes WOW so WOW! So I reached out to Douglas Smith, event director, for a behind the dram (so to speak) look at this special event.

Douglas Smith event director Whiskies of the World

Douglas Smith, Whiskies of the World

About Douglas Smith By Douglas Smith

I used to be an electrical engineer until I started drinking. Then it got to the point where it was either going to be engineering or whisky. Now I’m living a dream sharing the love of whisky with the world. As an engineer it is the chemistry and physics behind the art of whisky making that intrigues me much more than the history.

Diva Foodies: What is your role in the overall management of WOW aka Whiskies of the World?

Douglas Smith, Whiskies of the World: As the event director I invite all the whisky brands to the party and over see everything from venue rental, to floor planning. I also oversee all the marketing and have to make sure we have a wide range of guests from the whisky curious to the whisky geeks.

Whisky tasting master class conducted by whisky expert Raj Sabharwal

Master Class at Whiskies of the World – Conducted by whisky expert Raj Sabharwal

I must also make sure we have engaging masterclasses and the food menu provides many options for pairing with whisky.

Diva Foodies: WoW oh WoW… a dream job indeed! Is Whiskies of the World a consumer tasting event or a trade competition?

Douglas Smith, Whiskies of the World: We are a consumer tasting although each year we host a Whisky Judging in Austin.

Diva Foodies: I seem to be seeing more events that focus on whisky (versus food and wine) are you noticing that too? If so why do you think the interest?

Douglas Smith, Whiskies of the World: Whisky has traditionally been considered a man’s drink which is hard alcohol and burns. More people are discovering what whisky truly is and how to properly enjoy it.

Whisky is an intense yet subtle drink with lots of flavors and character. It needs to be sipped.

I liken it to perfume which can stink in large quantities. However, with a few drops it can be enjoyed and is very lovely. However, with a few drops it can be enjoyed and is very lovely. Once you have learned how to enjoy the full essence of what whisky is, an expansive new world of exploration opens up. Thus the expanding interest in whisky.

Social Media strategist and lover of whiskies Toby Bloomberg puffs on a cigar at Whiskies of the World

An “elegant woman” aka Toby, Diva Foodies, smokes a cigar at WOW

 Diva Foodies:  What makes Whiskies of the World extra special?

Douglas Smith, Whiskies of the World: The wide range of whiskies available, the range of consumers from the whisky curious to the aficionados, the food for pairing, the educational masterclasses and elegant women smoking cigars.

Diva Foodies: Yup ~ “elegant women” do enjoy a puff or two on a cigar! Any plans to include more food /chefs in Whiskies of the World events? Why or why not?

Douglas Smith, Whiskies of the World: We are constantly trying to increase the awareness of how food pairs so well with whisky.  So we are always reaching out to local chefs and restaurants to host a food pairing table.

 Diva Foodies: What is Your favorites whisky profile and why?

Douglas Smith, Whiskies of the World:  Depends on my mood and the food I’m having. Your palate changes by the day. A whisky that doesn’t set well with you one day may be your best bud the next day. It is hard to play favorites but I do like products that are sherry finished and a little smoke.

Diva Foodies: Thanks Douglas for the WOW story behind the dram!

Connect With Whiskies of The World 

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Atlanta – 10/2/18 | Intercontinental Buckhead. 3315 Peachtree Rd NE |Benefiting the North Atlanta Rotary Foundation | Tickets

Read More Diva Foodies’ Posts About Whiskies of the World 2017 | 2015 and my interview with whisky expert Raj Sabharwal about a unique whisky from India Amrut Whisky which you can enjoy at WOW!

Let me know if  you’re attending ~ perhaps we can smoke a cigar together or drink a dram!

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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