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Most home cooks take for granted how to create a new recipe. Often it seems like a hit or miss propostion. I was curious to learn if ‘real’ chefs have a secret sauce when it comes to creating a divalicious recipe. I reached out on Twitter via @DivaFoodies to ask our chef friends if they would share a few tips about their processes for developing new recipes.

It goes without saying, the food social media community overflows with a wealth of recipes from comfort food, paleo, sweets to the more exotic, BBQ, vegan and everthing in between. I love reading them, watching cooking videos and of course reading cookbooks for inspiration. Other times I just wing it with a smile and a prayer. My way to create a new recipe is sort of thinking about flavor profiles and then experimenting. Sometimes it’s delicious and other times not so much.

What I learned from our chef friends is they have much more of a structured approach when it comes to creating a new recipe.

For Chefs Logan Guleff aka Logan Jr Chef and William  the process begins with understanding the goal and what your vision is for the dish.

Recipes_ LoganJuniorChef Diva Foodies

Recipes _ William Poole

Chef Demetra Overton also begins with the end in mind. She calls it reverse engineering your reciepe.

Taking an approach of cooking with available fresh ingredients is how Chef Joy begins her process. She likes matching an herb with the main ingredient and reminds us not to discount that butter makes it  better!

Recipe_Joy Hall Thompson Diva Foodes

Combining your favorite flavors of sweet and salty is a tip from Chef Lisa Ann.

Recipes _Lisa-Ann Marchesi Diva Foodies

There are multiple steps in creating a successful recipe. Chef Sharon Damante’s  process includes a trial run (I tend to over look this one!) and then evaluting for taste and visual appeal. She recommends incorporating your reivew notes and then cooking again.

In our interview with Chef Melissa Pelkey-Hass we asked how she created a recipe that had to include a specific ingredient for instance when she was working with a brand sponsor. For Chef M tasting the highlighed ingredient is always the first step. As I taste, I take notes on the flavors that are highlighted in the product and I jot down additional ingredients that I think will pair well with the product in a recipe.” Her advise for creating a new recipe ~

Don’t ever be afraid to step outside of the cake box, so to speak  as long as you have lots of wine and pizza delivery on speed dial, you’re golden!Recipe_Melissa Pekley_Hass

For Chef Chrisine Hazel her inspiration comes from her senses… smell, color and taste. She reminds us a successful dish is about balance.

Diva Foodies Chef ChristineHK

The result of piecing together the chefs’ tips… A Road Map on How To Create A Recipe!

  1. Begin with a goal in mind that includes flavors, textures and seasonal food. A good way to do this is to start with your end in mind.
  2. Let your senses inspire you from smell, color and taste.
  3. Keep in mind the visual aspect of the final dish…. people eat with their eyes.
  4. Include the freshest ingredients along with herbs that complement your recipe.
  5. Butter adds big flavor
  6. Think about sweet and salty flavor combinations
  7. Taste
  8. Test. Adjust your recipe. Test again.
  9. Balance is important in a successful dish.
  10. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone
  11. Serve and enjoy!

Thanks to the talented Chefs who shared their tips. Check out their sites, make their recipes, follow them on social and watch them on FoodTV!

Christine Hazel – Hell’s Kitchen/Gordon Ramsay Twitter|Website

Demetra Overton – Sweet Savant Twitter| Website

Joy Hall Thompson – Food Network Star Twitter | Website

Lisa-Ann Marchesi – MasterChef/Gordon Ramsay Twitter | Website

Logan Guleff aka Logan Junior Chef – Winner MasterChef Junior/Gordon Ramsay  Twitter|Website

Melissa Pekley-Hass – The Front Porch Gourmet  Twitter | Website

Sharon Damante – All-Star Academy, Guys Grocer Games/Food Network  Twitter | Website

Willam Poole – Spring Baking Championship/Food Network Twitter | Website

I’m participating in a challenge from ProBlogger, Darren Rowse to create blog posts based on a variety of styles that he suggests. Early this week I wrote a review of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s mobile app game DASH. This #BloggersGroove Challenge post obviously focuses on “how-to”. 

Author: Toby Bloomberg

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  1. Great tips! Thanks for sharing. I am continually trying to create new healthy recipes that still taste great. I have to say point 7. “Test. Adjust your recipe. Test again.” is definitely a must!

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  2. Thanks for your comment Jules. Isn’t it fun to see how different people and especially chefs approach receipe development! Good luck in your culinary adventures.

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  3. Love this. I have many scraps of napkins that mum used to write her recipe ideas on, usually written while in a restaurant so she could make her version of whatever had just been eaten.

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    • Mel – Appreciate your commment. Not only do your mum’s napkin notes contain her impressions of the food but they are also a wonderful treasure of memories!

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